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Instead of waiting in line at a store, you can save time and send money in less than one minute from anywhere, anytime!
We have sent over $1 million US dollars to beneficiaries all over Mexico
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We started Félix to facilitate the life of millions of Latinos who live in the United States that send money abroad



As immigrants, we know how difficult it is to live in a foreign country and work hard to make sure our family is provided for




Facilitating the lives of mexican migrants.

As Latin American migrants we know what it means for you to leave your country, your home, and your family, that is why we want to offer you the fastest and most reliable remittances.

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Q1. How do I know Félix is safe?

Félix is registered with FinCEN with number 17015751, the federal agency in the US that regulates money transfers. Therefore, we are required to follow the strictest rules in the world to make sure that our money is safe. Your personal information is protected confidentially all the time

To know more about FinCEN visit their website here

Q2. How much money can I send?

The daily limit is $3,000 and the monthly limit is $10,000. If you want to send more, we’d only require a bit more information about you. Each transaction costs $2.99

Q3. How long does it take to send the money?

The transactions are settled instantly. Your beneficiary can collect the remittance as soon as he or she gets the receipt. However, there are certain payers, like Elektra, that wait 30 minute to make the money available

Q4. How can the beneficiary receive the money?

Your beneficiary can receive the money directly in their bank account or pick it up in cash in more than one hundred thousand locations around the country. Some our payers include Elektra, Coppel, Farmacias Guadalajara, Soriana, Walmart, Oxxo, and many more

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