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Mexicanos que ya
usan Félix
Carlos González
Los Angeles, CA

Gracias por facilitarnos enviar dinero a nuestras familias. Tengo discapacidad auditiva y falta de equilibrio, me era imposible acudir personalmente a otras compañías. Felicidades por este servicio tan fácil, rápido y eficiente

Verónica Tapia
Manhattan, NY

Le envío dinero a mi madre todos los meses sin falta gracias a Félix. Seguro, rápido y muy fácil de usar.

Manolo Rosas
Sarasota, FL

Hablar con Félix es realmente como hablar con mi familia. Muy cercanos y rápidos... Los recomiendo al 100%.

Alondra May
Indianapolis, IN

Es la mejor aplicación que he encontrado para enviar dinero a mi mamá en Yucatán. Super feliz de poder enviar dinero desde mi casa.

Jasmine Nieto
Austin, TX

¡Me encanta que es super fácil! Me contestan rápido, el dinero llega en minutos y además es super económico. Solía usar WU o Xoom pero al descubrir Félix no vuelvo atrás.

Denver, CO

Toda la transacción fue rápida y segura. Gracias por la paciencia a pesar de los miles de cambios que hice 😅.

When you talk to Felix, you talk to us!
Meet our leadership 

We started Félix to facilitate the life of millions of Latinos who live in the United States that send money abroad

We started Félix to facilitate the life of millions of Latinos who live in the United States that send money abroad


As immigrants, we know how difficult it is to live in a foreign country and work hard to make sure our family is provided for

As immigrants, we know how difficult it is to live in a foreign country and work hard to make sure our family is provided for

Send money in 3 steps
How does it work?
It's simple.

First you need to text Félix. We'll reply instantly!

Only $2.99 transfer fee

Forget about high variable commissions. With Félix you only pay $2.99 regardless of the amount sent.

Immediate transfers

The money arrives instantly! It can be deposited directly to a bank account or withdrawn in cash in thousands of stores.

This is why you should use Félix
Send money now
  • Do it from home You no longer need to leave the house, make lines or withdraw cash. Send money directly from your phone with Félix.
  • WhatsApp only Forget about downloading apps or creating accounts with a long registration process. Just text Félix to transfer money.
  • The best transfer fees Only $2.99 transfer fee per transaction.
How does it work?
The easiest way to send
 money abroad. Check it out
Our mission
Ease the life of Mexican immigrants

As immigrants we understand how hard it is to leave your country, your house and your family. That’s why we created the most accessible and realiable remittances service out there.

Safety in every transaction. 
  • We are registered and regulated by FinCEN.
  • We have rigorous KYC y AML processes. 
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Frequently asked questions
How does Félix work?

Félix allows you to send money across borders through WhatsApp. You will receive a message
to begin the transfer once you register your phone number on our website, press the “Enviar
dinero” button and start answering the chatbot’s questions regarding your transfer.
Once the information is ready you’ll receive a payment link, that’s it! The money will be available
within seconds.

How do I register?

It is not necessary to create an account, simply enter your WhatsApp number on our website to
start the transfer. For future transfers, just message Félix on WhatsApp.

How much is the transfer fee?

Félix has budget friendly transfer fees, starting at $2.99 per transfer.

Is the service available 24/7?

Absolutely, our team is ready to help you anywhere, anytime

What are the available options for receiving the remittance?

Money can be directly deposited into a bank account or delivered in cash to thousands of stores
like Elektra, Coppel, Soriana, among others.

How long does it take for a remittance to be available?

Bank deposits are reflected immediately, cash transfers may take up to 30 minutes to be
available for pickup.

Are there limits to the amount of money that I can send?

The daily limit is $3,000 dollars and the monthly limit is $10,000 dollars.
For security purposes, if you need to send more than $1,000 we need to validate your identity
with an image of your official ID and a selfie.
Remember that transfers with Félix only cost $2.99 dollars, regardless of the amount you send

What payment methods does Félix offer?

Credit card, debit card or ACH transfers.

Is my information secure?

Félix is registered and regulated by The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), the
federal agency in the United States that regulates money transactions. Additionally, our payment
platforms have the PCI Seal, which ensures the security of your data at all times.

Will I be notified once the money is collected?

For cash transfers, you will receive a notification once the money has been collected. For bank
deposits, you can validate it directly with the person or contact support if you have any doubts

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