How to send money to Mexico: The fastest international transfer

There are different ways to transfer money to Mexico. This article will help you understand the different variables you should take into account when deciding which money transfer service to use. 


Price usually depends on variable commissions that increase proportionally to the amount sent. There are also fixed fees and hidden commissions for credit card payments

  • International bank transfers have higher costs, they combine fixed and high variable commissions for the sender and receiver. 
  • Money transfer services usually charge an average commission of 2% of the amount sent + additional commissions for credit card payments. 
  • Félix is the cheapest option. It only costs a flat fee of $2.99 dollars per transaction.


International transfers take from a few minutes to several days to reflect on the receiver’s account. 

  • International bank transfers take at least 24 hours. 
  • Money transfer services usually reflect the transaction within a few minutes. 
  • Félix bank deposits are immediate. 


It’s really important to take into account the amount of information requested by each money transfer service provider. 

  • Banks usually request swift codes. 
  • Money transfer services usually account that requires loads of information. 

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